Tender Advertisement

Closing date

Method of envelop presentation

Document Fees

tender bond


Tender number


) QR)



2 envelopes )technical and financial)



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  • Please note that you can obtain a copy of the documents related to the Tender in question during our working hours.

Please deposit the amount related to the tender in QSL’s account number (QA29QNBA000000000013027075001) in QNB as well as a copy of the commercial certificate. Moreover, note that the official letter of your company must state clearly the name of the person who represents the company and who is in charge of receiving the tender documents. The letter on behalf of the company must state the tender reference number and the willingness to be part of the tender.

  • Each proposal must include a primary performance bond and a letter of the guarantee for a period of 120 days. This performance bond must be from any bank recognized by the state of Qatar. Please note that no proposal will be taken into consideration without the performance bond. (A copy of the performance bond must be available in the technical proposal as well). The performance bond must be valid for 90 days starting from the day the envelopes are opened. Also note that this performance bond will be returned to all companies once the tender is completed.
  • A final performance bond of 10% from the final amount of the contract must be presented and must be valid for a duration of 90 days after the completion of work, and that is 15 days after the acceptance letter.       
  • Place the proposal in the tender Box of QSL. The office is located in al bidda tower in the Dafna region on the 23th floor, unit 80 ( Mr. Omar Al maraghi) The proposal must be directed to the Head of the tender Committee. The number of the tender must be mentioned as well as the subject and it should be register by the secretary of the tender committee which should be before 12:30PM, Doha timing from the closing date.
  • Quotations must be in Qatari riyals.
  • The proposal must include fixed prices.
  • No modification is allowed after closing dates. If the participants wish to withdraw, the performance bond will not be reimbursed.
  • Proposals must be submitted in one original and one copy.
  • Any proposal can be rejected if the participant is not willing to adhere to the conditions, kindly submit the technical proposal and the financial proposal in separate envelopes. Any proposal that does not include the 2 envelopes as indicated in the policy won’t be accepted.
  • For any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone: (44754011) or by ( fax) (44754041).