We still have hope for survival: Al Kharaitiyat coach Wesam


Al Kharaitiyat coach Wesam Rizik spoke to the media ahead of their 2020-21 season QNB Stars League Week 21 match against Al Arabi.

“The loss (against Al Ahli) in the last round was cruel because it upset our calculations about our ambitions to stay in the First Division. Despite presenting a good level in the match, we lost it by a last-gasp goal. But it is natural that we leave the Al Ahli match behind us and focus on what is ahead of us, which is the Al Arabi match and the need to win it.

“We must continue our efforts and perform well in order to achieve our goal of staying in the top flight.

“I had mentioned earlier that our team will fight till the last moment. I repeat that we will fight till the last moment and till the last minute of the league because it is our duty towards the club and towards our team, and we never give up whatever the outcome may be.

“Al Arabi are a large team with their reputation, technical staff, players and large fan base, and they match them by their performance. The level that they presented in the last match is sufficient, as they include players who are able to achieve victories and present distinguished levels. So we respect them a lot and hope that we will play a match at a distinguished level as well and win the game,” said Wesam.

Al Kharaitiyat player Mohammed Salam said, “Because we lost to Al Ahli in the last minute of the game does not mean that we will give up against Al Arabi. We still hope for our survival and will perform strongly against Al Arabi.

“The truth is that the Al Ahli game is behind us and we now focus more on the Al Arabi match, which I consider as a difficult clash and we are required to win. And then, we see the results of our competitors because our survival in the QNB Stars League will also depend on the results of our competitors.”