We hope to get a positive result: Qatar SC coach Wesam


Qatar SC coach Wesam Rizik spoke to the media ahead of their 2019-20 QNB Stars League Week 18 match against Al Rayyan.

“For sure, we are all happy to come back to the league competition after a long break because of coronavirus. We are returning progressively to the training and the league’s resumption is giving life to the sport generally.

“Our next game is against a big team. Al Rayyan are competing for the title and they are second in the table. From our side, we are ready for this tough match. We played two friendly games and were satisfied with the performance. We hope we will be good on the field.

“Logically, we cannot say that we will win this game. As I said, we are facing Al Rayyan, who are vying for the league shield, so the game will be difficult. We hope we will succeed in containing their key players and get a positive result. We hope to be at the highest level of readiness on the match day.

“About the remaining games in the league, we will take them week after week. We are realistic, so we know we are not in a safe position so far. That means we must work harder to be satisfied about ourselves.”

“The competition to avoid relegation is strong now, with many teams involved in it. So collecting points is very important and all teams will get stronger on the field. I wish good luck to all, especially our team, to finish the league positively,” said Wesam.


Qatar SC player Ahmed Moein said, “We are all happy that the league is resuming. It was a long break and we are preparing strongly for the next game against Al Rayyan. We know that it is an important game, the three points are important for us and for them also. We want to improve our position in the ranking table and stay clear of the danger zone.

“We are working as a team and are ready for the league’s resumption. All teams have pressure, so the team that prepared well will be better in the remaining games. We will play them like finals. We have equal chances against Al Rayyan. They want to win, the same is the case with us.”