We’re technically and physically ready for Play-Off: Al Shahaniya coach Nabil


Al Shahaniya coach Nabil Anwar spoke ahead of their Tuesday’s 2020-21 season Play-Off against Al Khor.

“My team is ready to face Al Khor in the deciding match. All players and technical as well as administrative staff are ready and have the desire to win. Everybody is ready with the exception of Talal Al Mutairi, the Kuwaiti professional who was recently injured and whose season with the team has ended. He will not be playing against Al Khor.

“Al Khor are a good team regardless of their ranking in the QNB Stars League. They have presented good levels and have professionals of the highest level and a distinguished coach who is German (Winfried Schafer) and unique. Therefore, we respect Al Khor and it is natural that the clash will be difficult.

“We definitely corrected the mistakes we made in the past matches. But mistakes are too frequent and against Al Shamal, we presented the worst game of the season. Our team has turned the page after the Al Shamal match and our focus is only on the Al Khor meeting. We have acknowledged our mistakes and are ready now to play against Al Khor.

“We are confident about achieving our goal that we set at the beginning of the season, which is to be among the top First Division clubs. The pressure will be there on both teams as both have the desire to win this match. As I said, the match is difficult and will be played on a simple formula - a team that will play calmly during the 90 minutes will be the one to achieve victory.

“The competition is stronger and faster, but whoever takes advantage of the opportunities will have greater chances to win. I am sure of the team’s readiness, but in the end winning and losing is a possibility in football. God-willing, we will fight hard to win,” said Nabil.

Al Shahania player Abdullah Khaled said, “We are fully prepared for the Al Khor match. I can confidently say that my team is ready to meet Al Khor in the Play-Off. The team is fully prepared and after our QFA Cup engagements, we turned our focus on our match against Al Khor.

“We hope that we will succeed and achieve victory. We do not fear Al Khor or any team. These types of matches have their own preparations and calculations, but we aim to win and qualify. We will enter the Al Khor match with great confidence. The Play-Off is special and its impact is greater than last season’s match because play-off matches are always different from league matches.”