We’re ready for all possibilities: Al Shahania assistant coach Nabil Anwar


Al Shahania’s assistant coach Nabil Anwar said their technical and administrative staff were ready with alternative plan for the current football season that is stalled due to the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Speaking exclusively to QSL website, Nabil said, “There’re communications and co-ordination between members of the technical staff, led by Spaniard Jose Murcia, and we have plans A, B and C in place to act, as per any decision taken by the Qatar Football Association (QFA) and Qatar Stars League (QSL) regarding the remaining part of the season. We’re ready for all possibilities and we know that such conditions are beyond anybody’s control.”

Nabil said Iranian fitness trainer Saeed Yunsawi had more workload at present as he had to chalk out physical training programmes for each player and we follow them every day.

“These exercises are the best option for us and all clubs to ensure players maintain a high level of physical fitness, so the teams will not need a long time to prepare before the resumption of competitions.

“We know that the QFA and QSL will give us enough time before the competitions resume, and we’ll need only a short preparatory period to get down to business,” he added.