We’re looking for a positive result: Al Shahania coach Murcia


Al Shahania coach Jose Murcia spoke to the media ahead of their 2019-20 QNB Stars League Week 2 match against Al Sadd.

“We’ve put behind the result of our first game completely behind us. We’re looking for a positive result and will stay focused on our next match against Al Sadd.

“We know that we’ll have a very difficult confrontation against a strong team. We’ll play according to our capabilities and we’ll push our players to show their real level, so that we get one or more points against Al Sadd.

“We haven’t made a lot of changes, but we always bet on stability. We continue to work the same way and always have confidence in our players. We’ve only played one game, you’ll see that we’ve stability and good players

“Regarding my opinion on Al Sadd’s Xavi as a coach, he said, “Xavi is at the beginning of his career as a coach, but at the same time he has experience as a player. I think he can transfer his experience to the players in Al Sadd. He’ll succeed in that and I wish him good luck,” said Murcia.

Al Shahania captain Nigel de Jong said, “We didn’t start well in the league, but we’ve forgotten the first game. The season is long, we still have a lot of points and the team’s morale is high.

“Facing Al Sadd is difficult, but nothing is impossible in football. Throughout my life as a footballer, I’ve gone through difficult situations. I’m not thinking about retirement at the moment. I’m capable of giving more. After retirement, I want to be a coach.”