Umm Salal Professional Adel Rahili exclusive interview with QSL Online


Umm Salal Moroccan professional defender Adel Rahili is one of the new debuts in the QNB Stars League. He is one of the distinguished players who contributed to the positive results by Umm Salal in the first three rounds where Umm Salal gained 7 points  from two wins over Al Kharaitiyat and Al Ahli and one tie versus Al Gharafa.

Adel spoke to the QSL Online answering questions about his ambitions with his team as well as other topics as follows:

At first he reflected on joining Umm Salal this season for the first time in the QNB Stars League: “It’s an honor to join Umm Salal and play in the QNB Stars League. When I received the offer, I accepted directly. I own huge ambitions to help the team reach the top spots in all competitions.”

Noting that Umm Salal convened a season-long contract with the player last July. The player began with the team since the preparation training camp started locally in Doha then traveling to the Netherlands.

He indicated how he was following the QNB Stars League matches when he was in Kuwait Club, as he has some friends in Doha.

Asking whether he has any concerns and worries regarding his ambitions with the team, he stated: “All I think about now is how to help my team with more strength and effectiveness. I have much more desire to present better performance with Umm Salal. In fact our team owns huge potentials which enables them assume top positions.”

He added that he doesn’t concern himself with the possibility of continuing with Umm Salal after the end of his contract at the end of the current season 2017/2018 and said: “All I care about is how to help my team in all competitions this season.”

Umm Salal is marching very well in the league so far assuming the 3rd position.

The player spoke about his team’s league campaign: “Our general performance is progressing as it is clear from one match to the next. We own players that introduce more in the future of the team, assuring that Umm Salal is a balanced team with strong front line as well as both defense line and midfielders.”

 About the most prominent teams in the league so far, he commented: “Some team really presented good performance such as Al Rayyan.”

As for the team objectives and ambitions in the current season, he added: “We hope to stay among the top four teams with better performances and compete for one of the cup competitions.”

The player stressed on the fact that it is too early to reflect on the team with better chances to win the QNB Stars League title. Only few rounds elapsed as we can talk about it after Round 8 or 9.

Concluding his interview with the QSL Online, he said: “Thank Allah, I moving forward steadily looking for the better in the future, ensuring that the QNB Stars League is very special in terms of followers and competition between teams.”