Statement by QSL and QPA


The Qatar Stars League (QSL) and Qatar Players Association (QPA), in a joint statement, appreciated the initiative by professional players to allocate a part of their monthly salary to support the efforts being made by Qatar to combat coronavirus (Covid-19).

The statement said both entities had started discussions towards implementing the plan.

QSL CEO Mr. Hani Taleb Ballan said, “My thanks and gratitude to our players who demonstrated solidarity towards the Qatari community during this difficult situation. This initiative is an example of our social responsibility role.

“We’ll work with the QPA in the coming days to devise ways through which this initiative can be implemented in a fair and appropriate way. Football is not only a game, but a lifestyle. The Football Family is joining hands and supporting each other to help the country’s efforts in combating this pandemic.”

QPA President Mr. Abdulrahman Al Kuwari said, “This initiative by our players is not a surprise. They had already proved that they were responsible on and off the field. The aim of our discussions with QSL is to set the standards for implementing this initiative without making a negative impact on our players.”

Mr. Al Kuwari concluded his statement by thanking the players for the initiative. He also expressed his thanks to the QSL and QPA on behalf of the Football Family, and all those who are at the forefront of the battle against the spread of coronavirus.