Saud Al Khater thrilled to be back at Al Wakrah


Saud Al Khater has expressed great happiness on his return to 'home club Al Wakra' for the next season as result of a loan move from Al Duhail club. 

He said in special remarks to QSL website: "Al Wakra is my original home. My return is a great pleasure for me. I would like to thank the management of Al Sailiya where I received good support through the time I spent there. They took great care of me."

Al-Khater added: "After the end of my loan to Al Sailiya at the end of last season and my return to Al Duhail, I received two offers from Al Sailiya and Al Wakra. I agreed to the Al Wakra offer which I left for six seasons. However, I always considered my return to this club one day when the conditions were right. It was only a matter of time."

Al Khater expressed his pride in the wish of Al Wakra officials for his return to the team. 

"I would like to thank them for their efforts, including the head of football Nayef Al Khater and Ali Rahma, the assistant coach, who played an active role in my return to my home," Al Khater said.

"Al Wakra camp has a great ambition but the new goal requires a great deal of work, which is already happening from the Al Wakra administration, which is working to make good deals in order to achieve those great ambitions," he said. 

"I think winning points is the first step of the club's big ambition," he said. "Then we can start thinking about progressing in the league and then into the semi-finals.

"At a personal level, I want to see Al Wakra in its natural place with the top sides. I think that the second division is not the place for us. We want to be among the top clubs in the country," he said.

In response to a question about Al Sailiya season ending in third place, Al Khater said: "No doubt that the third-place finish is a great achievement by everyone from Abdullah Al-Aida, the club's president, the talented coach Sami Trabelsi, and all the officials and players."

He added: "It was an exceptional season, one of the best ones in the club's history. It was a golden season but in this era, players move on. The formula of supply and demand of players is very much on. I wish them more success in the future, especially when they play the AFC Champions League. 

Al Khater said: "Some may think it is not good to move every season from one club to another, but I deal with it positively through my advantage of playing for different teams. I have gained new experiences."

The former national team goalkeeepr said: "The truth is that the current lot of our national team keepers is not limited to Saad Al Dosari, Youssef Hassan and Mohammed Al-l Bakri. There are also keepers like Jasim Al-Haill.  I have been honored to represent Al Annabi and play with them in West Asian Championship which we won here in Doha. I wish to continue the same level at Al Wakra and get a possible to return to our national team."