QSL holds workshop for First and Second Division coaches


The Qatar Stars League (QSL) on Thursday, 19th March, held a workshop for First and Second Division club coaches to discuss resumption of training for players after the ongoing stoppage of activities, in view of precautionary measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The QSL underlined its main goal to maintain the readiness and fitness of players ahead of the start of competitions.

The workshop was attended by QSL CEO Mr. Hani Taleb Ballan, Executive Director of Competitions and Football Development Mr. Ahmed Khellil Abbassi, First and Second Division coaches, besides Dr. Salam Sharab, a doctor in the Ministry of Public Health, and Dr. Khaled Hassoun, Medical Director of National Sports Medicine Programme at Aspetar Hospital.

The mechanisms for resumption of training were discussed, and the coaches presented their views, ideas and proposals for the coming period, with the aim of maintaining the fitness of players while away from competitions.

It was agreed, after listening to all points of view and proposals, to give coaches the freedom to set training programmes, implement them in the proper manner and supervise their implementation, provided that the players are continuously monitored by technical and administrative bodies.