QSL discussing second phase of protocol with clubs


The Qatar Stars League (QSL) held many meetings to discuss the most important precautions and general action plan for the second phase of protocol, approved by the Ministry of Public Health, ahead of the resumption of 2019-20 season QNB Stars League.

Mr. Ahmed Khellil Abbassi, Executive Director of Competition and Football Development at the QSL, had a meeting with coaches of Al Shahania, Al Sailiya, Umm Salal and Al Ahli, on Monday, 22nd June, 2020, at the Kempinski Hotel in The Pearl. Meeting with other coaches will be held at a later date.

Mr. Ahmed Salman Al Adsani, Director of Competitions Department at the QSL, also met club officials and representatives, via visual communication.

The summary of first phase of general plan and protocol was reviewed, and a discussion of second phase (group training according to precautionary measures), which will be allowed during the period between 25th June and 23rd July, was held. It will be followed by the second set of Coronavirus (Covid-19) tests for players, technical and administrative staff starting from 23rd June. In the event of a positive case (let it not happen by God’s grace), he will undergo the procedures of Ministry of Public Health. If the test result is negative, he will join the team at their hotel as per schedule.

It was also decided to implement the general precautionary measures, such as wearing masks at all times except during the training session, maintaining a safe social distance from everyone (players and coaches), not to use the dressing rooms in facilities that host training, and if the clubs want to play friendly games, it will be supervised and monitored by the QSL.

Regarding training, group training is allowed at this stage, with approved precautionary measures in place and according to the training plan of each team.

The clubs’ quarantine process was also discussed, after reviewing the current situation, and the following decisions were taken:

1. The end of quarantine period at the hotels of clubs after the results of second Coronavirus tests will be followed by home quarantine, on condition of signing a pledge from all participants to abide by quarantine conditions.

2. If the club desires to continue at its current hotel, it can do so following the approved protocol.

3. Coronavirus (Covid-19) will be checked twice a week, every (3-5 days), in co-operation with the Ministry of Public Health and Aspetar hospital.

4. If any person from the club (player, coach, manager) is not willing for tests, he will not be allowed to participate in or attend the training.

5. Blood samples will be taken for analysis from all participants every two weeks.

6. For transportation, the following was adopted:

During home quarantine, the player, coach or manager can come to the training facilities by his car, on condition that he is alone.

If the team stays at its hotel, all players, technical and administrative staff will be transferred to the training fields by a pre-sterilized bus, where the number does not exceed 30 per cent of the bus capacity.

Also, the meeting reviewed the protocol and special precautions applicable to players and coaches returning to Doha via the Hamad International Airport and the Coronavirus (Covid-19) test process at the airport immediately after arrival. It calls for a self-quarantine at the team’s hotel (for a period of 14 days) by staying on a different floor without being in contact with players, technical and administrative staff, in addition to allocating a single car to reach the training venue even after the results of tests, which aim to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

It should be noted that if any of the approved protocol procedures are violated, it will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee of Qatar Football Association for necessary measures to be taken.