QSL’s Level 2 Match Analysis Course receives rave reviews


The Level 2 Match Analysis Training Course, conducted by the Qatar Stars League’s (QSL) Football Development Department from 8th to 11th April, received rave reviews from the participants.

The course, organised in association with reputed Portuguese coach as well as UEFA Instructor Prof Jorge Castelo and Videobserver Match Analysis Consultancy Company at the National Team Super Club conference room in Aspire Zone from 08:00 to 14:00, focused on theoretical and practical sessions covering the following aspects of the game:

Team tactical system

Offensive organisation

Defensive organisation

Alternative offensive tactical system

Alternative defensive tactical system


Offensive methods


Fast attack

Positional attack

Analysis report

Each group had 20 minutes to present, interpret and explain their analyses.

The main objective of the course was to develop the concept of match analysis among different stakeholders, such as players, coaches and match analysists, and to present the concept of football, especially in defensive and offensive analysis.

The beneficiaries of the four-day course included prominent players and coaches.

QSL’s Head of Football Development Miguel Heitor, who presented the certificates at the concluding ceremony, opined, “The course was divided into two days of theoretical and as many days of practical knowledge. The participants had to choose an international match and were divided into four and five groups of persons. They had to present videos and statistical analysis of offensive and defensive concepts. In the end, everyone had the chance to learn and also explain through their presentations what they learned.”

Castelo said, “We focused on a specific and general observation, analysis and interpretation of the game. It throws more light on the training and competition aspects in football.”

Each participant received Level 2 Match Analysis Certificate endorsed by the QSL and Videobserver.

The candidates had to be Level 1 of Videobserver or Coaching B Licence holders or above/Sports and Physical Education degree holders/Former national team players or professional footballers.

The QSL joined hands with Wyscout, an Italian company that supports football scouting, match analysis and transfer dynamics, to organise a workshop for the course participants on 12th April. Details of players from across the world are available on their platform.

Wyscout CEO Matteo Campodonico explained its new platform (Version 6) on the occasion.