QNB Stars League Week 14 - Umm Salal 0 Al Wakrah 0


Umm Salal and Al Wakrah played out a goalless draw in Week 14 of the 2020-21 season QNB Stars League at the Qatar SC Stadium on Wednesday.

Umm Salal and Al Wakrah both now have 14 points.

Al Wakrah produced an early attack with Ali Awad, who curled in a shot that hit the goalpost to the right of keeper Baba Malick in just the third minute.

Stationed outside the Umm Salal box, Awad tapped the ball down after a loopy cross and then unleashed powerful shot that beat keeper Malick and hit goalpost.

Four minutes later, Malick survived another Awad deflection – this time a snap-header from close range on a long cross from the flank.

Al Wakrah skipper Mohamed Benyettou also impressed with two attempts in quick succession from close range in the 10th and 14th minute respectively but, both on both occasions, Malick stayed alert to kill the moves from close range.

In the 40th minute, Al Wakrah’s Benyettou fired a powerful shot off an indirect corner kick, but his shot was blocked by defender Omar Rabah right in front of his own goal.

Seconds later from a resultant corner kick, Benyettou attempted a bicycle kick from inside the Umm Salal box, but his shot could only get far towards team-mate Mohamed Emad who also tried to find the net with a header, but the ball sailed above the crossbar.

Close to the hour mark, Umm Salal’s Rabah aimed at the goal, but Al Wakrah goalkeeper Saoud Al Khater blocked the move. Al Wakrah substitute Omar Ali also attempted a similar shot at goal from inside the box, but Umm Salal keeper parried the ball away in the 67th minute.

Ten minutes later, Benyettou fired a shot from close range that was caught by diving Umm Salal keeper.

In the last few seconds before injury time, Benyettou connected well from close range after a cross from the flank. However, his header was beautifully intercepted by Malick.

Al Wakrah had beaten Umm Salal 2-0 in the first leg of 2020-21 season QNB Stars League.