Qatar Stars League holds annual Club Licensing Workshop


The Qatar Stars League (QSL) held the annual Workshop on Club Licensing at the W Hotel in the presence of QSL CEO Mr. Hani Taleb Ballan as well as members and representatives of 17 clubs competing in the QNB Stars League and Second Division.

The main objective of the workshop was to update clubs on the applicable regulations and requirements for the award of Club Licences for the next season (2019-20).

“The aim of this workshop was to introduce the latest developments regarding club regulations and requirements, as well as requirements for the qualifications of trainers for the development of age groups. I would also like to highlight three factors — the evolution of Club Licensing System in the QSL, role of Financial Control Regulations and developments in the AFC Licensing System and their impact on us,” said Mr. Hani.

Evolution of Club Licensing System in QSL

Mr. Hani noted the positive developments of Club Licensing so far. This is the ninth workshop of Club Licensing process implemented in the league. It shows improvement in many areas such as increase in the number of youth coaches having coaching licences, meeting the criteria of AFC. The decrease in the number of complaints related to players’ entitlements, revision of clubs’ systems, regulations and procedures, increased financial transparency and improvement in youth category development programmes were also highlighted.


Role of Financial Control Regulations

The QSL CEO said that since the Financial Control Regulations and statements were released, there was a strong link between the Club Licensing System and Financial Control Regulations as the two systems support each other in areas such as financial results of clubs, efforts to decrease the number of complaints about player entitlements and improved financial planning and club budgeting preparation.

Developments in AFC Licensing System and their impact on us

Mr. Hani said, “There’re developments regarding requirements for participation in the AFC Champions League. The AFC has issued regulations to be implemented.”

The QSL’s Executive Committee instructed the Club Licensing departments to implement those regulations.

QSL’s Director of Business Planning and Club Licensing Mr. David McVeigh spoke about the applicability of Club Licences in light of new AFC requirements.


The topics discussed were key amendments to club licensing regulations as well as club licensing system, invitation process to apply for club licensing, core process timeline, deadlines, appeal process, applicable policies and procedures, objectives for the system and quality procedures adopted by the QSL in relation to Club Licensing. Details of individual criteria, such as interim financial statements, auditor’s opinion and other points were explained.

Qatar Football Association’s Youth Category Technical Supervisor Dr. Mouwafq Majed Al Mola gave an in-depth presentation on Coach Education and Youth Development Programme considerations. He indicated the key steps for clubs to create player pathways for young players and the importance of clubs being aware of the qualifications of coaches prior to any employment being offered.

All clubs had the opportunity to engage with the speakers to clarify the information presented related to the workshop’s agenda.