Qatar Stars League and ICSS to continue monitoring clubs

The Qatar Stars League (QSL) welcomed Mr. Chris Eaton - Executive Director for Sport Integrity at the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) today to Al Bidda tower- the home of Qatari football. The outcome of the meeting saw both entities eager to reiterate their strong commitment to the integrity and security of professional football in Qatar.

Based on an earlier agreement called the sport integrity partnership which was signed in November 2013, the League is keen to send out a message to all the 14 member clubs in the Qatar Stars League that the QSL remains on high alert as the end of the season approaches.
The 2014/15 QSL season is coming to an end with the last few weeks of action still to be played. All clubs have been therefore kindly reminded that they must put out their strongest possible sides, which of course all clubs are contractually obliged to do.
With the top four positions in the league still to be finalised and the final relegation spots still threatening a number of clubs, there is sure to be extra pressure in the final few fixtures. 

For this reason the QSL, ICSS and its partners have activated all their resources to ensure that matches are carefully monitored in order to avoid match fixing or any other surreptitious behaviour.
The entire season, the QSL has been has been monitoring matches for players’ performance, team line-ups, referees’ performance and betting around the world to ensure the integrity and fairness of all QSL matches.
Additionally QSL and ICSS agreed to send ICSS representatives to attend QSL matches in order to ensure the integrity of the beautiful game. These representatives will closely work with QSL officials before, during and after the matches