QAED New Academic Program for all athletes


The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s Josoor Institute, Qatar Football Association (QFA), Qatar Stars League (QSL) and Qatar Players’ Association jointly launched an initiative named QAED Academic Programme.

The programme aims to enable current and former athletes with the desire to pursue further education to broaden their intellectual and educational horizon, and to significantly increase post sports-career security in the job market while following their professional Sports career.

QSL CEO Mr. Hani Taleb Ballan said the QSL, in co-ordination with its partners and stakeholders, was keen to provide assistance to athletes and thus launched this initiative called QAED, one of the best educational programmes for athletes. It is a new opportunity for every athlete and they must take advantage of it to gain more experience and broaden their intellectual as well as scientific horizons, which will help them in their careers.

“We’re proud to have partnered the Qatar Football Family in launching this initiative, and I wish success to all our athletes who long to join this programme in order to achieve their goals and ambitions,” said Mr. Hani.

QFA General Secretary Mr. Mansoor Al Ansari praised the programme.

“The interest in the development of former and current professional athletes, especially in education and management, comes within the framework of QFA’s Vision 2021 and it aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030. It also reflects QFA’s keenness to stay updated when it comes to leadership and progress,” said Al Ansari.

“We’re proud of this programme, which supports the development of young people as well as athletes, and comes in the interest of sports in general. It gives everyone the opportunity to develop further,” said Mr. Ahmed Khellil Abbassi, Executive Director of Competitions and Football Development (Acting) at QSL.

“It contributes to the power of knowledge and creation of competent leaders in sports capable of taking responsibility in the future. All athletes stand to benefit from this programme, whose goal is to mould capable leaders who can provide sports and the community with value additions,” Abbassi added.

For her part, Josoor Institute Executive Director Mrs. Afraa Al Noaimi said, “QAED the academic programme, we’ve launched in co-operation with our partners in Qatar, is one of the most important and effective initiatives to support the country’s sports capabilities. We’re always keen to support education of professional athletes and help them obtain certificates in studies. All those who’ve enrolled in our programmes have shown excellence.”

The unique leadership programme offers courses in High school, Bachelor Degree, Masters and Diploma.

The programme also focuses on professional and managerial aspects as well as their professional career, to help raise future sports leaders and opens doors for athletes wishing to enroll in the programme while continuing their careers.

Specific programmes are:

• High school

• Bachelor Degree

• Masters

• Diploma

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