Our goal is three points: Al Arabi coach Hallgrimsson


Al Arabi coach Heimir Hallgrimsson spoke to the media ahead of their 2019-20 QNB Stars League Week 4 match against Al Shahania.

“I know Al Shahania are a good side. Our preparations for this game were normal. We’re targeting a top position in the standings. Our goal is three points.

“We’re building a team for the future and that’s one of my priorities. I think it’s great if we finish the season among the top four.

Regarding the retirement of Khalfan Ibrahim, it’s the player’s decision and we can’t interfere in it. It’s unfortunate and I can’t go deeper because he’s the decision-maker, but we wished he stayed with us. We were hoping he would go back on his decision. But only Khalfan can make the best decision for himself.

“Mohammed Salah Al Neel is a player with talent. He can position himself well to score goals. Those’re offensive aspects. We also worked with him this season on the defensive side, which has improved significantly from last season.

“Every game is a test for us and I think it depends on the mentality of the players and their ambition. It’s mostly about determination. Even if we suffer a setback, we must come back strongly,” said Hallgrimsson.