Our goal is to return to winning path: Al Kharaitiyat coach Wesam Rizik


Al Kharaitiyat coach Wesam Rizik spoke to the media ahead of their 2020-21 season QNB Stars League Week 13 match against Qatar SC.

“Our goal is to return to the winning path in the league. It will be a strong match for us. This clash is very important. I have the great responsibility of putting the team on the road of victories. We are getting ready for the second leg of the league. I still have great confidence in all players in the team. I know they will put up their best efforts, raising their level of focus, applying my directives well and avoiding mistakes.

“All of my players are the most important part to achieve our desired goals. The players can take Al Kharaitiyat to a better position and get out of the dark tunnel we find ourselves in right now. Yes, I know that Al Kharaitiyat are at an important juncture that requires concerted efforts to advance in the league. This will be our stumbling block to achieve victories that will not be achieved unless all players better their efforts.

“All teams are throwing their weight in the second leg of the league to improve their positions in the points table. So there will be no easy matches at all, but there is enough time to fight hard to achieve the goals we set out. If we achieve victory in two or three games, then of course the team’s position will be better, as morale will be good,” said Wesam.

Al Kharaitiyat player Mohammed Salam said, “The team’s match against Qatar SC will be difficult. We will go through a new stage under coach Wesam Rizik, but he alone will not be able to change anything unless we co-operate with him to the full extent. We feel the great responsibility we have on our shoulders. We will implement the plans he demands from us.

“Our team is going through a difficult phase. We have lost points for various reasons - such as lack of success and individual mistakes. All of that made the team lose points. As I mentioned, the next match is very difficult, but winning will not be impossible if everyone's efforts are combined and focus is present. Our team needs to win and collect more points to improve their position and escape from the relegation zone.”