Mohammed Nouri: “The match against Wakrah is a six pointer.”

Newly promoted side Mesaimeer will face Al Wakrah this weekend in Round 9 of the QSL. With that in mind QSL Online caught up with the Torches star Mohammed Nouri to get his thoughts on the crucial fixture.

How do you think the team is doing? You have lost a lot of games this season.
Apart from our matches against Al Sadd and El Jaish, I think we are giving a good account of ourselves. Sometimes we haven’t had luck on our side and at times we have let teams score easy goals against us, but everyone in the team is trying their best. I think in the next match against Al Wakrah, we will do much better. God willing we will manage to win four or five games in the next few Rounds and then next year, I think you will see us improve.

A lot of Mesaimeer’s players are new, has that been one of your problems? Has it been difficult to get used to one and another?
Well I hadn’t seen much of Mesaimeer before I came but yes there are some new players in the squad this year and God willing we will get better and better.

What do you think of your opponents in Round 9 of the Qatar Stars League?
Well I have seen two or three of their matches and I can see they have a good coach. They didn’t start well but now they are much better. This match is very important for both teams, all the players are aware of this, it’s a six pointer.

Both teams are pretty similar but our coach has given us a plan to implement against Al Wakrah and hopefully this will get us the three points.

How is the Head Coach Rodion Gačanin, what are your thoughts about him?
Yes he is a very good coach, he is very interested in the players, we train in the morning and in the evening and he always covers everything we need during the sessions.

Do you think you need a few more players?
I am just a player at the club, it is not for me to decide but I hope that two or three new players arrive during the winter transfer window. God willing.

What is the team’s main objective?
It is to make sure that we stay in the top division in Qatar. Wakrah, Al Khor, Mesaimeer and QSC are all in the same boat as us, so who will stay and who will be relegated is difficult to say.

If Mesaimeer stay up, are you willing to be with the team next year?
I like the club and the club likes me and I want to finish this season first before I make any decisions.  I enjoy playing here in Qatar. This league is very good, very organised with good foreign and local players. Also it has big stars such as Xavi and I think this has a good impact on the National Team of Qatar too. I watched the recent friendly between Qatar and Turkey and I can see that the Maroons are progressing and now they are a tough team to play against.