Difficult match awaits us against Umm Salal: Qatar SC coach Younes Ali


Qatar SC coach Younes Ali spoke to the media ahead of their 2020-21 season QNB Stars League Week 16 match against Umm Salal.

“Preparations went off very well during the last few days. There is a feeling of satisfaction within the group. The break was sufficient for a number of injured players who were participating without rest due to the pressure of matches and now all players are ready to continue the journey.

“A difficult match awaits us, especially since Umm Salal's team was able to present itself well and we saw them defend and attack with consistency. And that is what I expect against us also. It will be a strong match between the two teams. From now on, losing any match will have an impact on the mental level of players so we look forward to positive results, positive atmosphere and everyone coming together to compete strongly in the league.

“I thank all players for their performance and exceptional effort during the past two months. I hope to see the fighting spirit that distinguishes us from the rest, especially since our team has been able to offer a lot this season,” said Younes.

Qatar SC player Bashar Resan said, “I am confident we will do well. Our preparations have been very good especially since we tried to make the most of the break we had recently. We sought the technical staff’s assistance to correct the errors that existed in our tactics and we worked to rectify them. We also worked to strengthen our fitness levels. We have the confidence to play well against Umm Salal, who are a good team. It will be a difficult match but we will fight it with high spirits and great ambitions.”