Al Wakrah midfielder Iliass Bel Hassani in an Exclusive Interview with


QNB Stars League side Al Wakrah’s Moroccan midfielder Iliass Bel Hassani is staying as fit as ever as he strictly follows the daily training programme designed by the club during the current stoppage of tournaments.

Bel Hassani, who joined Al Wakrah from Dutch club PEC Zwolle in this season’s January transfer window, speaks to in an Exclusive Interview.

How do you rate Al Wakrah’s performance so far in the QNB Stars League?

We’re looking good. It would have been better had we taken a few more points from the last few games.

What’s the level of competition like in Qatar?

It’s very competitive. Teams like to play football and they want to fight. There’re many outstanding players on the field and that makes it really competitive.

Having been the promoted team from the Second Division, Al Wakrah have done well by being seventh in the standings…

That says something about the club that wants to grow. It’s a nice team that we’ve. It’s like a real family atmosphere.

You already have five wins to your credit, the same as Al Ahli. How’s the team composition?

We’ve good players and we can play the game well. We’ve got a balanced squad. We also have to realise that if we do that, we can look forward to putting up better performances.

Since there’re no matches now because of the preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus, how do you stay fit to be ready for the action?

It’s a pity that we can’t do what we love, but safety comes above all. We train in small groups of maximum four players every day to get even fitter and run a lot with the ball.

What preventive measures did you take towards precautions against the spread of virus?

Other than for training, I mostly stayed indoors. I used to go out only for training and essential shopping.

How’ve been your training sessions going?

I believe I’m even fitter now than earlier because I’m following a specific regimen. Training is going on well and we’re working hard, as always.

Do you have any special fitness session these days?

I follow the daily training programme designed by the club and that’s excellent.