Al Shahania vs. El Jaish, Round 23 pre-match press conference

Kick off 20:15, March 22nd at the Thani bin Jassim stadium.

Al Shahania head coach Luka Bonačić
“The win for Wakrah in their last match has put a lot of pressure on us. We will have to change some tactics in this game. We will have to take more risks even though Jaish is a stronger club. That's the only solution if we want to get three points out of this match. We now have four games left and twelve points are available. We will be looking to take the maximum points possible so that we can climb over Wakrah in the standings and avoid getting relegated.”
“Of course there will be a lot of pressure on us in this match but pressure can work in two ways. Either it can work for us and we will put on a good show or it will affect the players negatively. We hope that it works positively for us. From the remaining four games we are looking to take six points. That's our target.”
“For any tactic to work we need good players and I believe our team has them.  It's big players who produce big coaches and not the other way around. After this match we will have a meeting and decide about the way forward. As for taking a point against Jaish, it will be akin to climbing the Torch Hotel right now for us.”

El Jaish head coach Sabri Lamouchi
“This game is very important for both teams. Both teams are trying to take thee points and reach their targets. It is very important for us to win this game. We are playing a team that is organised, give their maximum and fight for the 90 minutes. On paper we are stronger but they are not going to gift us the win. We will have to fight hard for it. Our target is three points. If we want to win this difficult game, we need to have full of concentration, play the game seriously but enjoy it also.”
“The victory in the last game made me happy for two reasons. First is that we were able to score goals. That gave us three points. And second is that I was happy for the players. They have worked a lot in the previous two weeks. This win was a just reward for their efforts. We are in a good shape right now. But having said that, each game is different and we will have to be well prepared for this one.”