Al Sailiya midfielder Majdi Siddiq in an exclusive interview with ahead of their 2020 Qatar Cup semifinal against Al Duhail


Majdi Siddiq is one player in the Al Sailiya ranks on whom coach Sami Trabelsi can always rely on.

In an exclusive interview with ahead of Al Sailiya’s 2020 Qatar Cup semifinal against Al Duhail, Majdi gives his takes on various topics.

How do you prepare for the 2020 Qatar Cup?

Our preparations have been normal. This tournament is very important and the team has the ambition to win the first title.

What do you promise the team management and fans in this tournament?

We hope that we’ll be on top of our readiness and succeed in providing the required level.

What’re your expectations of the team?

There’re no specific expectations. But I would like to state that our ambitions are high. We must first focus on our semifinal against Al Duhail.

What’re your team’s strengths in this tournament?

Our strengths are team spirit and determination, so we should be able to come up with a good result from this competition.

How about the semifinal match against Al Duhail?

A very big and difficult contest. This is a cup championship and there’s no second chance. We need to focus, and show attention, strength and determination.

Do Al Sailiya have the ability to beat Al Duhail?

Yes, we’ve the ability to win. Nothing is impossible in football, especially in cup matches.

Is this match different than the league games?

Certainly, it differs. Cup matches aren’t about a long way. It’s one off. I hope we’ll be in good shape in the tournament.

Which Al Duhail player do you worry more about?

There’s no specific player, they are all high-level players. Our team also has high-quality players. We ‘e gradually improving our performance.

What does Qatar Cup mean to you?

Qatar Cup is a prestigious championship. It has an important place in Qatar football. I’ve won it previously with Al Khor. I hope to win it with Al Sailiya as well.

What’s your message to fans?

We promise the fans and the management to do our best to reach the final, by fighting with team spirit and determination.