Al Sailiya game will be difficult and we must stay focused: Al Wakrah coach Marquez


Al Wakrah coach Marquez Lopez spoke to the media ahead of their 2019-20 QNB Stars League Week 18 match against Al Sailiya.

“In the beginning, the preparation was not good for everyone. For the first two weeks, we made individual training, we could not train together as a team. Of course, I understand the general situation, but I must pay tribute to the role played by the Qatar Football Association and Qatar Stars League, so everything was very well organized in terms of the hotel and buses. But of course, the training was not easy for us.

“After two weeks, the team was allowed to work in group and this of course was better. I think it was a short period, but after the competition returns again, the team level will improve for the best.

“Al Wakrah will resume the league well, but it will not be easy. Of course, it is difficult for everyone and not just for us, because everyone returns after a long break and my priority is to focus on preparing the team well for the last five confrontations to get good results. I hope it will go on well.

“There is no doubt that the return is difficult for everyone, but we are going step by step. Al Sailiya game is difficult for both teams. One good thing is the improvement in our level,” said Marquez.

Al Wakrah player Isaias Sanchez said, “I think our preparations were good. Undoubtedly, the last period was difficult for everyone, especially as it is a new situation for all. Of course, we were not able to deal with the new situation. We are all excited to play again and enjoy the atmosphere of competitions. I want to say that I want to take it match by match, so I think there are still five games remaining and I am someone who does not like to focus on what will happen in the future. I prefer to focus on the next game. Of course, every match is like a final for us.”