Al Sadd player Abdelkarim Hassan in an Exclusive Interview with ahead of the 2021 Qatar Cup


Abdelkarim Hassan, the left-back of Qatar national team and Al Sadd, was named as the Best Player in Asia in 2018. He was one of the key members of the Qatar squad that won 2019 AFC Asian Cup. He remains a vital player for Al Sadd and Qatar national team.

Abdelkarim is an important player in the ranks of Al Sadd, who continue to provide strong levels in the league this season. Al Sadd will be up against Al Rayyan in the 2021 Qatar Cup semifinal on Thursday, 18th February, 2021, at the Al Duhail Stadium.

Abdelkarim spoke to in an Exclusive Interview ahead of the 2021 Qatar Cup.

How do you see your participation in the 2021 Qatar Cup?

It’s a strong championship and everyone is waiting for it, especially as it bears the name Qatar. And let’s not forget that Al Sadd are the title holders. We’ll strive to enter the event on a positive note in order to win it again.

What’re your aspirations for the tournament and preparations?

We’ve great passion and ambition to compete in the tournament. Our preparations are a continuation of what we offer during the league. Our team has a wonderful technical set-up.

Some say Al Sadd will retain the title. Is this an additional burden on the team? Are you able to handle the stress?

Al Sadd players have the experience and tenacity in dealing with such circumstances. Al Sadd remain the number one side to win all tournaments in Qatar. And we know that we’ve to work hard to achieve that.

What difference do you see between competition in this tournament and other tournaments, especially the league?

The Qatar Cup is different from the league because it needs more focus. We’re aware of this. Al Sadd players realise the importance of focus to achieve a win in the semifinal as a first step and qualifying for the final.

How do you see the semifinal against Al Rayyan?

As usual, Al Sadd and Al Rayyan matches are always very difficult. We managed to beat Al Rayyan in the first leg of the league and now Al Rayyan have a new and good coach who has succeeded in getting his team together. Therefore, the game will be like a Clasico between the two top teams in Qatar Cup. The two teams know each other well in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

What’s your message to Al Sadd fans?

Fans are the foundation of our team’s success and they support us with all strength in all activities during matches.

What’re your goals and ambitions with Al Sadd?

My goal is to win more titles and championships.

Any final word?

I hope we’ll succeed in this tournament and achieve more titles in the future.