Al Sadd defender Pedro Miguel in an Exclusive Interview with QSL Online

‘Al Sadd deserve to win QNB Stars League’

Pedro Miguel has been a strong presence in the central defence of Al Sadd and the Qatar national team. The fact that The Wolves have conceded the least number of goals (17, three less than even leaders Al Duhail) among all teams in this season’s QNB Stars League adds to his credentials.

In an exclusive interview with QSL Online ahead of Al Sadd’s much-awaited encounter against Al Duhail in Week 19 of the QNB Stars League scheduled for Thursday, 1st March, Pedro spoke about a wide range of topics.

How do you see the season so far?

The going has been good for us so far. We had some problems initially and took time to settle into our stride. Injuries to some players and their national-team duties adversely affected our performance. However, we overcame all that as the tournament progressed.

Can you explain how the team managed to tide over the crisis?

We worked very hard. All players stayed focused on the task on hand and implemented the strategies of coach Jesualdo (Ferreira). Consistency in performance helped us stand in good stead.

What are Al Sadd’s targets this season?

Our target is the QNB Stars League title, so all players kept that in mind right from the beginning. We play to win. Then, we want to fare well in the Qatar Cup, Emir’s Cup and also AFC Champions League. 

How do you see Al Sadd’s big victory (5-0) over Al Ahli in Week 18 of the QNB Stars League?

I would say it was just a continuation of the good work we’ve been doing. It was important that we win that game before heading for Al Duhail for the big encounter. In the end, it turned out to be an easy victory.

What’s your take on the Al Duhail match?

It’s like a final for obvious reasons. Al Duhail are tough opponents. They’ve some outstanding players and a good coach. Most importantly, they’re in good shape as a team. However, we’re focusing more on our possibilities.


Who will win the game, in your opinion?

Al Sadd will win this time. We had lost to Al Duhail in the first phase. We’re also in good form and the team is well set. Moreover, I feel the winners of this match will definitely lift the league shield.

What sort of support have you been receiving from Al Sadd team-mates?

We help each other. It’s like a family. All players are serious and are excited about the prospects of winning the QNB Stars League. We deserve it.

How is it playing under Ferreira?

Ferreira is an experienced coach. He gives confidence to players, especially youngsters. He pushes us to give off our best. He has helped me a lot. For that matter, he has helped all players improve their game.

Al Sadd had a good start in the AFC Champions League this year…       

Yes. We’re all happy about it. It gives a good feeling that we’ve won the first two games, against Al Wasl and Persepolis. We could play good football against Iranian champions Persepolis.

Finally, what’s your message to Al Sadd fans?

I salute them for all the support. I want our fans to keep supporting us so that we, the players, are more motivated and emerge more stronger.