Al Sadd defeats Al Markhiya 5-1 in preseason friendly

Al Sadd achieved a resounding 5-1 victory over Al Markhiya in a friendly match held on Thursday evening at the second division’s training pitch.
Al Sadd impressed from the start and managed to impose their style and control the match, dominating with wave after wave of attack, both from deep and from the wing.
Al-Markhiya had little to show for their efforts and Sadd’s Xavi was the first to make a proper attempt on goal in the 11th minute. Then winger Hamza Senhaji headed the ball in the 27th minute but to no avail, as the first half ended goalless.
With the start of the second half, the Wolves put pressure on their opponents and the Brazilian forward Muriqui succeeded in netting the first goal just 5 minutes in from the penalty spot.
 Then Xavi added a second from inside the box four minutes later. Al-Markhiya reduced the deficit with a penalty of their own which was dispatched by striker Leonardo in the 57th minute.
The Wolves continued to attack and it looked like another goal was imminent. Jasser then scored the third goal in the 59th minute before the fourth was added by Senhaji from the penalty spot in the 61st minute. 
Nasser Sankees scored the final goal in the 80th minute with a wonderful solo effort, to end the match 5-1 in Al Sadd’s favour.
Al Sadd’s team sheet:
Mousa Mohammed, Abdulrahman Nasser, Jasser Yahya, Ahmed al-Herdi, Omar Yahya, Talal al-Baloushi, Xavi, Hamad Mansour, Nadir Belhadj, Muriqui and Hamza al-Senhaji.
The second half substitutes were:
Hamad Mansour, Meshaal al-Shammari, Aladdin Younis, Nasser Sankees, Ayoob Mashhoor and Abdullah al-Meseiki.