Al Rayyan defender Mohammed Alaaeldin in an Exclusive Interview with QSL Online


Mohammed Alaaeldin has been playing an instrumental role for Al Rayyan and is one of the most noted players in the QNB Stars League.

The 25-year-old skillful defender, whose brother Ahmed now represents Al Gharafa, has proved his mettle.

Ahead of Al Rayyan’s high-profile game against Al Arabi in Week 16 of the QNB Stars League on 14th February, Mohammed spoke to QSL Online in an exclusive interview. Excerpts:

How have you found the 2018-19 season QNB Stars League?

This is one of the hardest seasons so far, especially for us. We’re now lying fourth in the QNB Stars League standings and we’ve had our ups and downs all along.

How do you sum up your career with Al Rayyan?

I feel like I was born to play for Al Rayyan. I hope to get more trophies with this club.

What’s your assessment of Al Rayyan’s performance after 15 rounds in the league?

We aren’t satisfied with our position and some of the results. We’re looking forward to improve that.

Don’t you think Al Rayyan deserved a better position than the present fourth spot?

Al Rayyan are a big team with too many supporters. We’ve almost always been among the top four and we deserve it, for sure.

How’s the team spirit in Al Rayyan?

The team spirit is amazing. It’s a very good case of teamwork at its best.

What’re your targets this season, both team and individual?

We want to finish in a creditable position in the QNB Stars League and win the remaining two cup tournaments. Personally, I want to prove myself again and be back to the Qatar national team.

How had been your preparations during the two-month break?
We played some friendly games and got good results. I hope it’s going to help us in the remaining seven matches in the league competition.


How do you look forward to the remaining seven games?

We’ll try to do our best to stay in the top four even though it’ll be hard for us to emerge as QNB Stars League champions.

You’ve a big game against Al Arabi in Week 17. How do you see it?

Al Arabi are a big side. I think it’s going to be hard for both teams. The match-ups between Al Rayyan and Al Arabi always generate much interest.

Al Rayyan beat Al Arabi 1-0 in the first leg. What’ll be the result this time?

It’s hard to make any prediction and also expect the same thing would happen. But hopefully, we’ll have the last laugh.
Is the change of coach affecting your game plan? How do you compare Rodolfo and Bulent Uygun?

Yes, of course. Each coach has his own way of working. We’re doing well with coach Bulent. He’s a good coach with much experience in our league.

How’re Al Rayyan’s chances of winning the league title?

This year, as I said, it’s so difficult for us. The title race has boiled down to one between Al Sadd and Al Duhail.

Which team will win the league title this season?

I don’t realistically see any chance of winning the league title this season. In my opinion, Al Duhail are going to be triumphant this time too.

Who’re the players you like the most presently in Qatar?
I’ve good relationships with all players, but my favourites will be my team-mates in Al Rayyan.