Al Khor coach Najhi promises strong show


Al Khor coach Omar Najhi praised the team's overseas training camp atmosphere in the Netherlands in preparation for the new football season

"I thank all the players for their efforts in training, both in Doha and in the Dutch camp. I also thank them for their mental presence, discipline and clear commitment," Najhi told QSL.

"Everyone is doing his best to achieve our ambition in the new QNB Stars League season. We seek to be in the top positions despite the expected strong competition," he added.

Najhi expressed his happiness with the participation of a number of Qatari stars in the ranks of his team.

Ali Qadri has also joined Al Khor from the ranks of Al Ahli.

"God willing, the existing bunch and overseas players will add strength to the playing XI," Najhi said.

The Al Khor coach said: "There are some professionals who have not joined the team but will do so at the Dutch camp."

In response to a question about taking charge of Al Khor since the beginning of the season, Najhi said: "There is no doubt that training Al Khor from the start of the season is a good and a positive thing. I took the task last season in the final 6 games. Time constraints and lack of opportunity to change the tactical approach were obvious last season."

He added: "However, we have succeeded in the task as we will try to work on the development of what we had last season. So my start with the team since the first day of training is very important."

Najhi said: "I thank the administration of Al Khor for its great confidence, and God willing, we will all aim to bring the team back in the top place which is worthy of it."

"Al Khor is capable of being in the top zone, and God willing, Al Khor will be at a level worthy of it. My team will not be easy to beat.

"Al Sailiya is a great team that succeeded last season to reach third place and was a strong competitor, and it became the strongest season with the new players, unlike Al Khor who has retained most of his players," Al Khor coach said.  

"This could be in our favor. Despite all that, Al Khor always offers good levels in their matches against Al Sailiya," Najhi said of the season's opening game.

The new QNB Stars League season begins on Aug 21.