Al Gharafa player Sofiane Hanni in an Exclusive Interview with


Algerian star and Al Gharafa player Sofiane Hanni underlined the importance of staying at home as part of measures being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. He also expressed his hope to return to action soon.

In an Exclusive Interview with, Hanni speaks about a variety of topics.

How has been your first season in Qatar so far?

Generally, it has been positive for me. Of course, I want to give more, but because it’s my first season, I can be satisfied. But I always want to be better, especially since the season hasn’t finished yet.

As a team, we are fourth now, so we can be satisfied. But we feel sad having dropped many points.

How competitive is the QNB Stars League?

It has been a new competition for me and I am discovering more. It’s not an easy competition, as some people say before coming here. As I always say, if you come with an idea that things will be easy without work, you’ll lose. So we’ve to prepare well and must’ve extra focus in order to win games in this league that includes many good players.

Al Gharafa are presently fourth in the table before the league took a break due to the coronavirus…

Yes, it’s a positive result so far if we compare with the last season. We know the importance of being in the top four. We’ve five games remaining, we must fight for this position or to get a higher spot. Unfortunately, we lost many points due to some mistakes.


How do you assess the team’s performance this season?

I think we’ve progressed well with the work we had been doing right from the first day. We created a good team. Our first few games were strong, but we were found wanting in other games. It wasn’t acceptable. We’ve to work more in order to become better.

How do you utilise the present break?

During this break, we don’t have many choices. I stay at home with my family and kids, and individual training in order to keep my fitness.

In what all ways do you stay fit?

In a normal way, I run daily with the individual programme I received from our fitness coach. So I’ve two sessions daily, as per a specific programme.

Are you involved in any stay-at-home games to keep yourself mentally and physically fit?

With two kids at home, I’ve to play with them. When they watch TV, I try to change games and refresh myself mentally.

What’s the general message you give other players and fans?

Same message. Stay at home, protect yourselves and your family.

I know we all want to come back and play football. Let’s be patient, we’re living in a special situation, but I know better days are coming, keep working, and see you soon in the field.