Al Gharafa player Homam Al Ameen in an Exclusive Interview with ahead of the 2021 Qatar Cup


Homam Al Ameen, the promising left-back of Al Gharafa and the Qatar national team, is one of the distinguished players in the country. He is regarded as the one to watch in the future because of his exciting game and physique. He received the U-23 Best Player of the Month Award twice in the QNB Stars League during the 2020-21 season.

Homam is expected to play a key role with his team in the 2021 Qatar Cup when Al Gharafa face Al Duhail in the semifinal on Thursday, 18th February, 2021, at the Al Duhail Stadium.

Homam spoke to in an Exclusive Interview ahead of the 2021 Qatar Cup.

How do you see your participation in the 2021 Qatar Cup?

We’re happy to be a part of this tournament and our presence came after the effort we made last season. We're excited to be playing in this competition.

What’re your aspirations for the tournament?

We look forward to winning the semifinal as a first step and then being in the final.

What about your semifinal against Al Duhail?

It’ll definitely be a strong match as is the case with all our previous games against Al Duhail. We’ve to be prepared physically and mentally and to focus throughout the match until we achieve the goal which is to qualify for the final.

Who’re the favourites to reach the final?

We’re talking about a knockout match and in that kind of a scenario, the chances are equal for both parties. We will do everything we can in order to achieve the desired result.

Many agree that Qatar Cup matches are different from the league. To what extent do you see this difference?

Of course, Qatar Cup matches are different from league matches. There must be a winner, which forces the players to have a higher focus and a different approach. Also, a loss means you’re out of the tournament and there’s no room for comebacks. This applies to both teams.

What do you think are the main strengths and weaknesses of each team?

Generally, every team has strengths and weaknesses and what matters to me is who we are. What I want is on the day of the match, we’re ready to apply our strengths, exploit opportunities and avoid mistakes by adhering to our coach’s instructions and focusing throughout the match.

Al Gharafa competed in the Qatar Cup for the first time in 2018 after the event was renamed. Does that motivate you and your team?

Al Gharafa enter all tournaments with the same enthusiasm and desire to achieve victories. As long as we carry the Al Gharafa logo, the enthusiasm is always there to win all competitions. Our desire is to win the Qatar Cup.

To what extent is the team capable of winning the championship?

As I said before, the chances are equal among the teams. On our part, we’ve great confidence in our capabilities. And our coaching staff and management support the players. We’re only focusing on the semifinal because it is the first step we aim to take to reach the final.

What’re your preparations at a personal level for the Qatar Cup?

I prepare with the rest of the players normally as we prepare for all matches. We’re always focusing on training and making the efforts to be ready for any match.

What’re your ambitions and aspirations with Al Gharafa in general?

I look forward to always giving my best to serve the team and contribute with my colleagues. We want to be on the podiums.

What’re your goals this season?

I want to compete strongly in all competitions that we enter into at the local level as well as in the AFC Champions League that starts with a play-off.

Anything you would like to add?

I hope we can achieve the results that Al Gharafa fans have been waiting for. I thank them for their support in the past games and I hope they keep doing it because they really give us a lot of motivation off the field.