Al Gharafa midfielder Othman Al Yahri in an Exclusive Interview with QSL Online

‘We’re happy with our performance, not results’

Othman Al Yahri is one of the key players of Al Gharafa. The midfielder has proved it time and again, the latest occasion being their 3-1 victory over Al Arabi in Week 10 of the QNB Stars League. He had a good game, making a foray of raids into the rival territory, even though he could not get into the scoring act. 

In an exclusive interview with QSL Online ahead of their Week 11 game against Qatar SC on Friday, 8th December, Al Yahri spoke about various topics.

He started off by expressing satisfaction over his contribution to the team, but believed he had much more to offer the side, especially in the second phase of the league which will be tougher.

Al Yahri said the team’s interest was above all and that victories were their priorities. He stressed that the match against Qatar SC would be tough as The Kings are a rejuvenated lot under new coach Abdullah Mubarak. Their morale is also high.

According to him, the team that makes the least number of mistakes and stays focused would emerge as the winners.

Al Gharafa are seventh in the table with 10 points, from two wins and four draws.

“Winning two matches isn’t enough for our team, the club management and fans. We’re satisfied with our performance, but we aren’t happy with our results. The team is improving in terms of performance, but results aren’t matching that.


“There were many changes in the team this season. Some new players came in and the youngsters need time to fully adapt.

“Changes take time to be implemented in their real sense, so some results didn’t go our way even though we had put up a strong showing. And we weren’t lucky in some games either.

“Vladimir Weiss’ absence through injury will be felt. He’s a big star with special abilities and we’ll miss him badly. However, the team is not just about one or two players,” said Al Yahri.

On his goals and ambition this season, Al Yahri said, “The league is still long. We believe we can achieve a creditable finish, probably a top-four, and can compete in the Qatar Cup. I’m sure we can win more matches in the second phase.”