Al Duhail winger Ismail Mohamed in an Exclusive Interview with QSL Online

‘League title is still up for grabs’

Winger Ismail Mohamed is a key player among the ranks of QNB Stars League leaders Al Duhail mainly because of his darting moves along the right flank that put rival defenders in trouble. He is also noted for his assists and speed that he possesses.

Following Al Duhail’s 6-0 win over Qatar SC and ahead of their Week 13 clash with Al Arabi, Ismail spoke to QSL Online in an exclusive interview about the matches against Qatar SC as well as Al Arabi, his ambitions and objectives.

How do you view the game against Al Arabi?

Definitely, it’s a tough game as both sides don’t want to drop points.

Al Duhail are favourites to win the match…

We do respect all opinions. However, football is unpredictable. Still, we hope to continue our winning run.

Who’re the most prominent players in both teams?

Each player has his own character on the pitch, which gives each team a special flavour. Stability of clubs will reflect on the performance of players.

What’ll be the impact of the huge win over Qatar SC on your players ahead of the Al Arabi clash?

We don’t think much about the past results. We don’t overly celebrate the achievements either. The Qatar SC match is over and we’re looking forward to the game against Al Arabi. I would like to underline the fact that the league title is still up for grabs.

You’ve a lead of four points on top. Does it mean you’re closing in on the league title?

No. I don’t think so. Its too early to comment on it.

Do you expect more challenges and difficulties in the coming matches?

Indeed, there’ll be lots of difficulties in the second phase, especially since we also have the AFC Champions League engagements coming up.

What makes your clash with Al Arabi different from other games?

The difference lies in the fact that Al Arabi don’t want to waste any points.

Will you beat Al Arabi like you did in the first phase?

I do we hope so.

How do you assess your performance this season?

Thank God, I could put in my very best on the field. A slightly withdrawn position had a minor impact on my performance, but I could give eight assists and I’m happy about it.

How do you see yourself in the coming seasons?

I would like to develop more as a player and gain more experience. Hopefully, I’ll become stronger down the line.

What’re Al Duhail’s targets this season?

To win all competitions — QNB Stars League, Qatar Cup, Emir’s Cup, AFC Champions League…

What’s your goal with Al Duhail?

My aim is to perform consistently well.

Who’re the players you would like to play with?

Nam Tae-Hee, Youssef Msakny and Karim Boudiaf.

Finally, what else would you like to say?

I wish my team success this season and the very best to the Qatar national team.