Al Duhail midfielder Assim Madibo in an exclusive interview with ahead of their 2020 Qatar Cup semifinal against Al Sailiya


Assim Madibo is one of the main midfielders of Al Duhail and Qatar national team. Having returned from an injury layoff recently, he is ready with full force as they get ready to take on Al Sailiya in the first semifinal of 2020 Qatar Cup at the Al Sadd Stadium on Saturday, 11th January.

In an exclusive interview with ahead of their 2020 Qatar Cup semifinal against Al Sailiya, Assim spoke about various topics.

How do you prepare for the prestigious competition?

Our team started preparing for this cup early. The desire of all people associated with the club is to put up an honorable performance.

What can you promise your fans in this competition?

Certainly, we promise them to fight on the field and work to make them happy.

What’re your expectations in the tournament?

God willing, we’ll live up to expectations.

What’re your team's weapons in this tournament?

Teamwork is our main weapon. We always put up a collective performance, which helps us to many victories.

Your view on the semifinal against Al Sailiya?

It’s a game that won’t be easy for us or for Al Sailiya. Both teams want to reach the final. I think Al Sailiya won’t be easy opponents for us and that will make the game exciting.

Do Al Duhail have the ability to beat Al Sailiya?

Yes, we’ve the ability to win this game. We’ve the desire to do it. We were champions in the last edition. We must fight to keep the title in our club.

How different is this match from league games?

Certainly, it’s completely different. In the league, you can compensate for your defeat in a match with a victory in another. In cup games, either you win and be in the tournament or get eliminated.

What’re your targets in the tournament?

Al Duhail have a clear target in every tournament, which is to win the title.

What does this competition mean to you?

A prestigious tournament for all players. It has the name of our dear country.

What’s your message to Al Duhail fans?

Their presence and support are important to us. They give us the required boost in such a match, so be sure to be at the stadium.