Al Duhail match a tough task: Umm Salal coach Ben Askar


Umm Salal coach Aziz Ben Askar spoke to the media ahead of their 2019-20 QNB Stars League Week 18 match against Al Duhail.

“What the coronavirus pandemic has caused is difficult for everyone around the world. We, in the football world, have been affected a lot because it led to a prolonged break of football activity, and of course, stopping for more than one month is difficult for the players.

“No one knows what can happen in this match that comes after the break. Al Duhail are one of the best clubs in Qatar, we know them well, but we will focus more on our team. We have more than one important game, not only against Al Duhail, because the league will not stop after it. Whether we got a positive result or not in this match, we are focusing on the next five games to get points that help us stay in the QNB Stars League. We have worked during the last period on the tactical and physical aspects and I think we are ready to fight in order to achieve our target.

“We want Ismail Mahmud with our team to help us, he is a player with a high degree of focus and professionalism. He can help the team achieve its targets. In general, we have good quality players, we work hard daily and if I have any doubt that we will not be able to stay in the first division, I would not have come to Qatar and take the responsibility of the team. When I arrived, many told me that I was going to lead a team that was passing through a difficult period, but I know this club well. I played here and I know the spirit that everyone inside the club have, so we must work daily and certainly everything will become better. If we want to get a good result, what is required is hard work and a never-give-up attitude,” said Ben Askar.


Umm Salal player Mahmoud Al Mawas said, “The match against Al Duhail is very important. Regardless of the team we will face, we will focus on our team. Umm Salal will play five matches as a cup final, including the first one against Al Duhail. I hope we will be in a better position during the remaining league matches, because we have prepared well and tried to apply everything that our coach wants in order to get positive results, especially after we began to understand the philosophy of the coach who recently took charge of the team.

“Ismail Mahmud is a great player, he knows Umm Salal and understands the team's position. I hope he will be a great addition and he will help the team pass this crisis.”