Al Arabi captain and midfielder Ahmed Fathi in an exclusive interview with ahead of their big game against Al Rayyan


Ahmed Fathi is leading from the front as Al Arabi are having a good run in the 2019-20 QNB Stars League. The midfielder is instrumental in implementing Icelandic coach Heimir Hallgrimsson’s strategies on the field.

Fathi, a Qatar international, spoke to in an exclusive interview ahead of their big game against Al Rayyan in Week 8 of the QNB Stars League, scheduled for Friday, 25th October.

How’re you looking forward to the match against Al Rayyan?

I’m very much looking forward to play this game. Our game against Al Rayyan is always exciting.

Are you having any special preparations for this big match?

For me, all games are same in terms of preparations, but these kind of games need more focus.

How’re the players preparing for this game?

All players are ready and exited to play this derby. Everyone wants to play these kind of games.

How do you see the match from the perspective of fans of both teams?

I think it’s going to be the biggest attendance in the league and, as players, we’ve to let them enjoy the game.

How’ll Al Arabi fans approach the game?

They’re optimistic of the team and they’re waiting for us to win the game especially after our first defeat in this season’s QNB Stars League, against Al Gharafa last week.


Al Arabi are having a good run in this season’s QNB Stars League. What’re the reasons?

The main reason is that we’ve a great coach and we follow his instructions. Everyone wants to give 100 per cent to the team.

What’re the reasons for your loss to Al Gharafa in Week 7?

We lost the game because of small details. In big games, small details make big difference. But we need to forget that game and learn from our mistakes ahead of the Al Rayyan game.

Where do you think Al Arabi will finish at the end of 2019-20 QNB Stars League?

Our main goal this season is to play in the AFC Champions League next season.

How’s the team composition in your view, being the team captain?

I think we’re still in the process of building a strong team and we’re in the right direction. I’m really proud to be the captain of one of the greatest clubs in Qatar.

Al Arabi haven’t won a trophy for almost a decade. Will the club lift a trophy this season?

We’ll take the league step by step and, like I said, our main goal is to finish among the top and play in next season’s AFC Champions League. We’re also eyeing a trophy this season.