Al Arabi captain and midfielder Ahmed Fathi in an Exclusive Interview with ahead of their 2019-20 QNB Stars League Week 16 match against Al Sadd, dubbed Qatar Derby


Al Arabi captain Ahmed Fathi is an integral part of Icelandic coach Heimir Hallgrimsson’s scheme of things.

In an Exclusive Interview with ahead of their 2019-20 QNB Stars League Week 16 match against Al Sadd, dubbed Qatar Derby, the midfielder opens his mind.

How do you prepare to meet Al Sadd in the 16th round?

All matches have same preparations, but this type of match needs special preparation and more concentration. We need to make up for the lost points in the league and also for the loss against Al Sadd in the first leg.

What’re your expectations of this match?

The game won’t be easy, but we are able to play a match worthy of Al Arabi’s name and achieve a positive result.

What do you think is the difference between both teams?

We’re in the process of building up a strong squad. We’ve a coach who makes sure the team competes strongly in the coming seasons.

As far as Al Sadd are concerned, they’ve many home-grown players, who’ve been together for long. They’re one of the best teams in Asia, if not the best.

Who’s the Al Sadd player you fear the most?

I’m not afraid of any player in Al Sadd or other teams. Al Sadd’s strength is collective game.

Al Sadd won against Al Arabi in the first leg. Are you able to compensate in the next match?

Yes, we’re able to compensate for the defeat in the first leg. We must learn from our defeat in the first leg and avoid making the same mistakes.

Why did the team’s performance decline compared to the beginning of the season?

The reason was the loss of many easy points. Injuries also played their part, but we can still compete for the top four.

What do you tell your fans ahead of the game against Al Sadd?

I urge them to come to the venue support to us. I hope we can make them happy by winning the match.

What’re your targets in this season’s league?

The target is to finish among the top four and play in next season’s AFC Champions League. We still have an opportunity to achieve our target, but we must avoid losing points in the next games.

Are Al Arabi able to get back to the top four?

Yes, we’re capable of doing that and we must take the next matches in the league like cup matches.

What’s your ambition with the team?

My ambition is to win a title with Al Arabi, especially since the club hasn’t won a title for long.