Al Arabi captain Ammar Jemal in an Exclusive Interview with QSL Online

‘We can’t afford to miss more points’

Al Arabi fans have been expressing concerns over the team’s performance this season. They have been proved right as The Dream Team are struggling in the 10th position with only six points. They have so far been able to register just one win. Even promoted side Al Markhiya have the same number of points.

Supporters still believe Al Arabi have the potential to do far better and that the players, both professionals and nationals, are not bringing out their best.

In an Exclusive Interview with QSL Online ahead of their forthcoming, much-awaited match against Al Gharafa, Al Arabi’s captain and defender Ammar Jemal spoke about the team’s performance, his first season with the Qatari club, his ambitions and also their fans.

How’re the preparations for the Al Gharafa match going?

We’re preparing hard for this match and have assessed their strengths and weaknesses. We’re ready for a tough game.

How do you foresee the result will go?

It’ll be a tough game and we’ll try to gain an upper hand by scoring early.

Where do you see the team to be in the coming weeks?

We’re truly determined to achieve positive results in the remaining two first-phase games as we’re aware we can’t afford to miss more points.

Is new coach Luka Bonacic capable of guiding the team in right direction?

Of course, Luka is an experienced coach and he’s helping us improve our game. Hopefully, the results will follow.

Can you defeat Al Gharafa?

As I said, we badly need three points. Yes, Al Gharafa are a very good team, but we’re keen to win this game.

Who’s the best player in Al Gharafa ranks?

Well, Al Gharafa have a number of good players. I can’t point out one. We should be wary of them.

Who’re the favourites to win this match?

I wish Al Arabi win as we can improve our position in the league and stay away from the relegation zone.

What’re the team’s main areas for improvement?

Lack of concentration and repetition of mistakes. We’re trying to rectify them under Bonacic.

Do you think the draw against Al Markhiya would help Al Arabi relaunch their league campaign?

We always seek wins. However, the results depend on the circumstances. We were close to victory against Al Markhiya. Anyway, the one point will be a  motivation for us while we face Al Gharafa.

This is your first season in the QNB Stars League. How do you see the competition?

The competition is strong. That demands more efforts and hard work from the teams.

What’re your aspirations and ambitions with Al Arabi?

I wish to win one title with Al Arabi and dedicate it to our fans.

Are you confident of achieving it?

Indeed. With patience and dedication, we can achieve anything.

What’s your message to fans?

We look forward to seeing them at the stadium to support and motivate us. I’ve heard a lot about the passion of Al Arabi fans from news feed and social media.