Al Ahli midfielder Ali Qadri in an Exclusive Interview with QSL Online

‘We’re ready for the second phase’

Ali Qadri is one of the most prominent young players in the QNB Stars League. The midfielder plays a key role for Al Ahli.

In an exclusive interview with QSL Online ahead of their Week 12 game against Al Gharafa, Ali gave his takes on various topics.

How do you see the match against Al Gharafa?

It’s definitely a tough game. We do respect all teams. Al Gharafa is a big name and matches against them won’t be easy.

Is your team ready, both technically and physically, for your first game in the second phase?

Yes, we’re ready for the second phase as well as this match. We’re looking forward to achieving positive results.

Do you think the resignation of Spanish coach Joaquin Capaross will negatively affect the team?

Of course, it was very surprising to all of us. Anyway, I wish him all the best. All I can say is that we’ll be totally focused under current coach (George) Jorge, who is no stranger to the team as he was in charge at the end of last season.

How well did the team benefit from Caparros?

Caparros is one of the most experienced coaches and indeed the team took good advantage from his presence.

Your opinion of coach Jorge and his task…

He knows the team very well and also the players. We hope to  achieve positive results in the coming weeks under him.

Is he capable of successfully implementing his strategies and forming the best team formation?

There’s no doubt that every coach will do his best for the team.

Some A Ahli players, especially professionals, are not up to the mark. What do you feel?

I don’t like to comment on my team-mates’ performance. I only focus on my role to help the team.


Do you think the team needs fresh players?

That’s up to the coach to decide in co-ordination with the club management.

How do you feel the return of captain Meshaal Abdullah contribute to the side?

Meshaal is a big star. His presence will definitely boost the team  spirit.

Matches against A Gharafa are always tough. What do you think the result will be?

All teams will be keen to start the second phase with a victory. 

Al Gharafa have signed Dutch star (Wesley) Sneijder. Will his presence put your team under pressure?

Of course, he’s a player of big reputation and has achievements at the clubs he played in and also with the Dutch national team. But I’m sure our coach will adopt a strategy to restrict him on the pitch.

What do you think of such a top deal?

Best of luck to Al Gharafa and the player.

Finally, what’s your message to Al Ahli fans?

We hope to do our best in the remaining part of the season in order to satisfy them.