The QSL Cup is one of the tournaments organised by the Qatar Stars League Management.

All 12 First Division teams can compete in the QSL Cup.

First-team players, Under-23 players and Under-19 players can participate in the tournament.

The participation of a player under 23 years of age is not a mandatory at the beginning of the match.

The tournament is played in group format and the teams are divided into two groups through draw:

Group A: Six teams

Group B: Six teams

The teams are ranked based on their standings in the previous season’s QNB Stars League. Matches are played in a round-robin format. Three points are awarded for victory, one point for draw and zero point for defeat.

The first-four teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals, where the winners of Group A face fourth team of Group B.

The other quarterfinals will be second-placed team of Group A vs third-placed team of Group B, third-placed team of Group A vs second-placed team of Group B and fourth-placed team of Group A vs winners of Group B.

In case two or more teams are equal on points in the second place in one group, the following criteria shall be applied to determine the qualifying team.

⦁ Goal difference

⦁ Team that scored most number of goals

⦁ Head-to-head record

⦁ Number of wins

⦁ Drawn matches

⦁ If the quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches end in a tie, the teams would play an extra 30 minutes divided into two halves. If the deadlock remains in extra time too, then tie-breaker will be introduced.


⦁ The match time is 90 minutes (each session of 45 minutes)

⦁ Half-time break is not more than 15 minutes.

⦁ Teams are allowed to register 18 players in the squad list given to the referee 90 minutes before the start of a game.

⦁ Three substitutions can be made during a match, from the names given to referee before the game starts.

⦁ Fourth substitution can be made during extra time.

⦁ Participation of clubs accredited to the Qatar Football Association (QFA) is mandatory.

⦁ The team that does not participate in the tournament shall pay a fine of QR 200,000, if its excuse is not deemed acceptable by the QFA’s Disciplinary Committee.

The QFA Disciplinary Committee’s decisions are implemented in the tournament.


The winners will receive the tournament cup, gold medals and prize money. The runners-up will receive silver medals and prize money.

General Rules

⦁ The QNB Stars League is a different competition, so the yellow and red cards are counted separately in the QSL Cup.

⦁ The player who receives the fourth yellow card or the expulsion gets suspension.

⦁ All cards are cancelled after the end of the tournament, except for the straight red card, and suspension decisions of the QFA’s Disciplinary Committee. The suspension will be applicable in the next official match of the team. The red-card suspension will be carried forward to the following season’s QSL Cup.

⦁ Only the QFA’s Disciplinary Committee has the right to amend any rules or take any decision.